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The Wild Cornwall Podcast

Welcome to The Wild Cornwall Podcast

Close your eyes and embark on an audio adventure as you travel from the rugged cliffs of Cornwall’s coastline to deep wooded valleys and everywhere in-between. You’ll uncover what makes our wildlife and wild places so unique, get behind-the-scenes access to our projects and meet the Trust’s experts and special guests who are helping nature to thrive in Cornwall once again.

Season 2

Episode #17: Protecting Cornwall's dormice

Laura Snell, Conservation Officer, talks about her love of hazel dormice – and what we’re doing to monitor and protect them.

Since we recorded this episode, the State of Britain's Dormice 2023 report has been published, showing the population has actually fallen by 70% - you can read the full report here.

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Episode #16: Hopeful discoveries, challenging times and bold plans for nature in Cornwall: an interview with Matt Walpole

Matt Walpole, Chief Executive of Cornwall Wildlife Trust, reflects on his first year in post - and shares his excitement about our plans for the future.

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Episode #15: Climate change and Cornwall's seas

Matt Slater, Marine Conservation officer, returns to The Wild Cornwall Podcast to discuss recent news about rising sea temperatures and their impact on Cornwall. 

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Episode #14: Rewilding explored in the heart of Cornwall

We speak to our mid-Cornwall Reserves Manager, Andy Collins, about the plans for our largest nature reserve, Helman Tor. Andy tells us about  how ponies and cattle grazing, beavers building dams, and pigs rootling around will help nature make a comeback.

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Special episode: Rewilding. Our last hope or a current craze?

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s panel discussion event, which took place on Wednesday 26th April 2023 at Heartlands, Pool to discuss "Rewilding. Our last hope or a current craze?"

The speakers on the panel were as follows:

• Cheryl Marriott - Head of Conservation, Cornwall Wildlife Trust

• Benedict Macdonald – Television Producer, Nature Writer and Conservationist

• Chris Jones - Organic Livestock Farmer, Woodland Valley Farm

• Dr Sarah Crowley – Senior Lecturer in Human and Animal Geography, University of Exeter.

Each speaker brings their own unique experiences and expertise in relation to the question.

The event was chaired by BBC Springwatch presenter and Wildlife Trust Vice President Gillian Burke.

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With huge thanks to SourceFM for the recording!

Episode #13: Recording marine strandings

Today’s episode focuses on the Marine Strandings Network, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. For centuries, people around our coastline have recorded washed-up organisms on our beaches. While although they’re very sad, these events offer an extraordinary opportunity for marine biologists to glimpse into the lives of animals that live in the sea and are usually incredibly hard to study. We speak with Abby Crosby, Marine Conservation Officer, followed by Sharon, a marine strandings volunteer.

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Episode #12: Wild ponies and conservation grazing

Find out all about the incredible habitat at Penhale Dunes from ranger, Jon Cripps. Jon tells us all about wild ponies and explains why their grazing activities are so good for wildlife.

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Episode #11: Winter Wildlife with Laura Fox

Tom meets Laura Fox on cold and crisp January day, speaking about what wildlife we can spot in the winter. Laura talks about enjoying spotting Queen bumblebees, lesser celendine, and frogspawn.

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Season 1

Episode #10: A visit to Cabilla and Redrice Woods

Tom heads over to Cabilla and Redrice Woods, speaking with Stuart Mathieson, East Cornwall Reserves Officer, about the wildlife and history of the woods.

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Directions to Cabilla and Redrice Woods:

From the A30, take the A38 eastbound towards Liskeard. After approximately 2.5 miles, turn left at a crossroad (the right turning has a railway bridge going over it). Cross the bridge over the River Fowey, and access is via the first track on the right. Park in the car park adjacent to the reserve entrance.

The 'What 3 Words' location is:

map can be found on our website.

Episode #9: Hedgehogs... and why we should be concerned about their decline

Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Conservation Apprentice, Ella Lazic, talks to Tom all about hedgehogs and explains why we should be concerned about their decline.

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Episode #8: Badgers... and why we're vaccinating them in Cornwall.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Conservation Manager, Tom Shelley, talks to Tom all about what fantastic creatures badgers are and explains why we're vaccinating them in Cornwall. 

Episode #7: Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s new Chief Exec, Matt Walpole

Meet Matt Walpole, Cornwall Wildlife Trust's new Chief Executive. Matt shares his love of Cornwall, his career in conservation and his hopes for the future. Tom also interviews Dee Reeves, a retiring trustee of Cornwall Wildlife Trust who encourages people to leave something lasting behind for future generations. 

Episode #6: Rewilding Cornwall's seas: Matt Slater talks about marine conservation

Matt Slater tells Tom about the joys and sorrows of marine conservation, and looks forward to National Marine Week. Tom and Lucy reflect on the work of the Your Shore Project, engaging young people with wildlife and marine activities. 

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Episode #5: Cornwall Beaver Project

Tom interviews Tom Shelley, Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Manager, about beavers, the amazing ‘eco-engineers’.

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Episode #4: Helman Tor and Rewilding

Callum Deveney, Head of Nature Reserves, tells Tom all about rewilding, rare species and why Cornwall Wildlife Trust are so excited about a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy more land at Helman Tor. 

In this episode Lucy and Tom also reflect on the wonderful things to look out for as the summer arrives with June. They discuss 30 Days Wild and the exciting prospect of seeing beavers.

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Episode #3: Wild Wellbeing and Foraging

May is the month in which the dawn chorus really reaches a crescendo! It's also a time during which many of us think about our own and others' wellbeing, especially during Mental Health Awareness Week. In this episode, we consider how spending time outdoors can boost our mental wellbeing and Tom talks to Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Nature Wellbeing Coordinator, Eve Tucker, all about foraging. We’ll also be discussing how you can discover the joys of nature and its wellbeing benefits – everything from exercising outdoors to walking barefoot on the grass.

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Special episode: Restoring 30% of Cornwall’s land and seas by 2030 – is it possible?

On 26 April we brought together five speakers at Heartlands in Pool, Redruth to discuss the important question: ‘Restoring 30% of Cornwall’s land and sea for nature by 2030: is it really possible?’

Episode #2: Peatlands and peat-free gardening

From Cornish valley marshes to bogs on Bodmin Moor, our peatlands are havens for wildlife and key in the fight against climate change. We speak to Upstream Thinking Ecologist Liz about these precious places and how you can go ‘peat free’ at home. Tom and Lucy also head to Pendarves Wood near Camborne to discuss what you might expect to see in nature, both on land and at sea, during April.

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Episode #1: Hawkes Wood, a hidden haven for wildlife

Take a trip to the Trust’s first nature reserve, Hawkes Wood, in the first episode of a brand new series to mark our 60th anniversary. At this enchanting old oak woodland, Tom speaks to volunteer warden Brian Wright to ask the question – what makes Hawkes Wood such a special place? We also uncover the wonderful wildlife to look out for in March as spring bounds into action!