Team work (c) Rose Summers

Volunteers have always been, and will always be, important to Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Without volunteers the Trust would never have come into existence. Volunteering for the Trust is rewarding and beneficial for both you and us.

There are many volunteering opportunities available with the Wildlife Trust, ranging from diving surveys to administrative office-based work.; and if you are interested in seeing the volunteering opportunities available with the Environmental Records Centre, also based at our HQ near Truro, link to their website by clicking here.

Volunteers are one of the Trust's most valued and valuable resources. They give their time and skills to help us achieve our goals for wildlife conservation. The partnership between volunteers and Trust staff accomplishes much more than either could manage alone. Volunteers bring a wide variety of skills, expertise and experience, complemented by their enthusiasm for and commitment to wildlife.

We understand the reasons why people volunteer are many and varied and we hope to get people involved in a way that will make it a mutually rewarding and enjoyable experience. It is not necessary to be a member of the Trust in order to be a volunteer. If you'd like to volunteer, check out our volunteering opportunities page to see if there's something suitable for you.