Nature Reserves Fund

Nature Reserves Fund

Reed Warbler gathering insects (c) Adrian Langdon 

We’ve lost so many habitats that were rich in insects. There were hedgerows, there were wetlands, hay meadows, and research shows that birds have to travel many miles to get food to feed their young. Cornwall’s Nature Reserves are vital for the healthy survival of these unsung heroes
Iolo Williams
BBC Springwatch Presenter

With insects increasingly out of reach for birds, our Nature Reserves are havens of hope. Will you help?

Cornwall’s wildlife and its diverse habitats are under threat. Globally, insect numbers are plummeting; some are already threatened with extinction - and it’s already happening here in Cornwall. Our native bee species has dropped by 38% in the last decade alone. These much-loved pollinators are essential for keeping our ecosystems alive. Without insects as pollinators, as well as an essential part of the food chain, we face a breakdown of our natural world. This could mean a loss of even our most common and widespread species of wildlife.

Our nature reserves are safe havens for insects and the wildlife that depends on them. Insects and invertebrates need our nature reserves to thrive. At Cornwall Wildlife Trust, we have been working hard to halt the dramatic decline of insects in Cornwall. But there is still a huge amount to do in order to prevent the disappearance of our most stunning, and unusual species. Without them our beautiful county would be a very different place.

Caring for such extraordinary places takes constant dedication. Every year it costs over £720k to keep our nature reserves wild.

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£35 could help pay for the tools needed to manage scrub on our heathland reserves.

£100 could help pay for volunteer training to carry out more surveying, monitoring and maintenance work.

£250 could help pay for wetland scrape creation (an area which provides better feeding opportunities for wading birds)

£1,000 could help pay for hardy native breed ponies vital for conservation grazing to help us manage our species-rich sand dune and heathland nature reserves

£5,000 could help pay for our winter scrub clearance work to help a range of wet heathland species including marsh fritillary butterfly

Whatever you can afford to give, you will be helping Cornwall's wildlife to thrive.