State of Nature Cornwall 2020 Report

State of Nature Cornwall 2020 Report

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State Of Nature Cornwall 2020 Report

A focus on the State of Nature in Cornwall

The State of Nature Cornwall 2020 report presents an overview of how wildlife is faring in the county, including both positive and negative trends and pressures upon nature that we have identified. This report finds that nature is largely in decline in Cornwall, with 12% of species of principal importance threatened with local extinction or complete loss in Cornwall and nearly half of terrestrial mammals and three-fifths of butterflies found in fewer places over the last 30 years.

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Cornwall’s first State of Nature report has been compiled using the best available data for local wildlife. Together with Cornwall Council and the University of Exeter, we have highlighted trends in the abundance and distribution of species and habitats, and identified the key pressures wildlife in facing.

However, it’s not all bad news. This report would not have been made possible without the support of countless organisations, groups and volunteer ‘citizen scientists’ who work tirelessly to monitor and protect nature in Cornwall. We thank those who have contributed invaluable data to this report for their generosity and dedication to taking action for Cornwall’s wildlife.

Cornwall’s wildlife is in a bad way and continued species decline will inevitably lead to local extinctions... We know from our work that together we can make a difference and bring nature back. That gives me hope we can still turn the situation around.
Cheryl Marriott
Head of Conservation, Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Species in decline

Nature is in decline in Cornwall. Cornwall’s wildlife trends broadly mirror national trends, with habitat fragmentation and loss affecting species abundance (number of species) and distribution (where they are found). Though some species have prospered, it is clear that an ecological emergency is unfolding. 

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State of Nature Cornwall 2020 Report - Nature in Decline

There is good news!

From the research used to create the State of Nature Cornwall 2020 Report, we know that some species have increased in abundance over the years and large herbivores such as the Roe Deer are doing well in Cornwall. The success of reintroductions of once-native species also shows the potential for strong population growth. Here are just some of many inspirational local case studies featured in the report…

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Key Findings

You can view the key findings summary of the State of Nature Cornwall 2020 Report and see actions you can take to help nature in Cornwall by downloading the PDF below.

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Cornwall’s dolphins and porpoises need your help

Our dolphins and porpoises face numerous threats, and unless we act now, they could be lost from our waters. A donation to our appeal could help us to stop their suffering and protect their presence in our Cornish seas. 

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