Marine Conservation Zones

Marine Conservation Zones

Marine Protected Areas, including Marine Conservation Zones, are one of the most crucial tools for conserving marine wildlife.

The third wave of marine protection welcomed in Cornwall

This is the much needed next step towards an effective network of protected areas at sea.

The UK Government has launched a consultation asking the public for their views about protecting a new group of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). Add your voice to the #WaveOfSupport campaign and support the MCZs!

Cornwall Wildlife Trust believes that the consultation is a big step in the right direction for Cornwall’s seas and towards a truly coherent network of marine protected areas across England, and the wider UK waters. Proper protection of these sites after designation will mean that our seas will be given the opportunity to recover and thrive.

How you can help

We are calling on the public to back the Marine Conservation Zones in the consultation this summer!

Add your voice to the Wave of Support! #WaveOfSupport


What is an MCZ?

As a result of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, a network of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) has been created that protect marine species and habitats.

MCZs provide an opportunity to halt and reverse the damage and degradation of the marine environment by controlling the human activities conducted in certain areas.

Government has decided that these MCZs will be identified in three key stages, or tranches. 50 MCZs were designated since 2013, and another 41 have been proposed across English waters, including 8 here in Cornwall. 

Proposed Sites in Tranche 3:

Off-shore sites:

  • Cape Bank
  • North-East of Haig Fras
  • South of Celtic Deep
  • South of the Isles of Scilly
  • South West Approaches to Bristol Channel
  • South West Deeps (East)

Find out more about these sites on the Wildife Trusts website

Cuckoo Wrasse on the Manacles, by Matt Slater

Matt Slater