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Great Spotted woodpecker (C)

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Help create a Cornwall where nature thrives!

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Dormouse. Credit - Amy Lewis
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Nuthatch. Image by Ian French

Nuthatch. Image by Ian French

Reverse the decline

“Cornwall’s wildlife is in a bad way and continued species decline will inevitably lead to local extinctions... We know from our work that together we can make a difference and bring nature back. That gives me hope we can still turn the situation around.”

Cheryl Marriott, Head of Conservation

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Nature is in decline in Cornwall

  • 12% of species of principal importance are threatened with local extinction or complete loss in Cornwall.

  • Nearly half of terrestrial mammals and three-fifths of butterflies are found in fewer places over the last 30 years.
  • Nearly half of breeding birds have declined.
  • Since the 1970s there is evidence that 21 breeding birds, 4 vascular plants and 8 bumblebees have become extinct from Cornwall.

You can help reverse the decline.

What does Cornwall Wildlife Trust do with my support?

We protect native wildlife and habitats of all kinds, from buzzards to ancient woodland, dragonflies to the fantastic marine wildlife in our seas.

We manage and develop 59 nature reserves throughout Cornwall.

We protect landscapes from threat of development, and champion nature with key decision makers.

We advise and help landowners sympathetically manage their sites for wildlife.

We inspire and educate those to take positive action for wildlife.

Make a difference to Cornwall's wildlife 


Cornwall Wildlife Trust works hard to ensure your generous donation is invested wisely. You can find out more about how we spend the money which is donated to us. 

Chough on the clifftops, Image by Adrian Langdon

Chough on the clifftops, Image by Adrian Langdon


Become part of a community of 17,000 local wildlife lovers and receive...

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  • The Wildlife Trusts' Wildlife Gardener's Guide
  • A packet of wild flower seeds
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