30 Days Wild

A record-breaking 1,500 Cornish people took part in ’30 Days Wild’, a national month-long nature challenge organised locally by Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

The annual challenge inspired people of all ages to participate in a ‘Radom Act of Wildness’ every day during June. These ranged from wildlife photography, sleeping under the stars and wild swimming to bug hunting, creating wildlife homes and even growing bee cafes.

Across the UK an estimated 350,000 got involved with 2018’s ‘30 Days Wild’ campaign, with a recording-breaking 40% increase on last year.

This year’s 30 Days Wild might have come to a close… but your wild adventure doesn't have to! Stay Wild by becoming a member of Cornwall Wildlife Trust. We're working hard to make sure our wildlife and wild places are thriving and protected for the future, and by becoming a member you can help Cornwall’s community and the wildlife that depends on it.

We can’t wait to see you join in the fun next year!