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30 Days Wild - Day 24

Posted: Friday 24th June 2016 by 30DaysWild

Every day throughout June Alex Pearce will be blogging about going Wild in Cornwall - today's blog is a guest post from Zinzi Graham about her trip to a nature reserve

The day began with a black cloud over the country in more ways than one. With social media rife with negativity and a nation divided by politics I was glad to have nature to escape to. I packed my bags and headed to the station to catch a train to Par so I could visit Tywardreath Marsh, a reserve I hadn't been to in years. As a child this was one of the first places I remember becoming truly enchanted with nature, creating fantastical tales of dinosaurs in my mind whilst exploring the muddy terrain.

As I walked alongside the river, watching fish dart through the water and damselflies skit around just above the surface, the sun started to shine down through the leaves and the marshland began to glow. Bird song filled the air around me and any stress I'd been holding on to disappeared. There's nothing quite like nature to clear my thoughts. In the moments I lose to fascination, watching critters or photographing the tiniest details, my mind is at it's clearest.

Coming back to this place was always going to bring back feelings of nostalgia, but it wasn't until I crouched down to take a picture that I remembered just how insane it used to seem, the ferns towering over me whilst creatures scuttled around in the undergrowth. Out from the shrubbery ran a tiny little field mouse, pausing for a moment to wash mud from it's whiskers, and in that instant I was 5 years old again. There's a sense of wonder that comes from being outdoors and really taking notice of your surroundings, one that I don't get from anything else in life.

I returned home covered in mud and with twigs in my hair, but feeling an overwhelming sense of calm that only the wild can provide, forever thankful that places like this still exist. Magical locations where, in dramatic contrast to the hectic towns and cities we've become so used to, nature is allowed to flourish and we can simply exist, slowing down and grounding ourselves, basking in the tranquility of it all. They are so important for the health of the planet and all of it's inhabitants.  

If you are intersted in visiting a nature reserve, why not check out Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserves in the county?

Zinzi Graham is a photographer and artist who blogs about nature at

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