Free Will writing service from McClures Solicitors

Free Will writing from McClures Solicitors

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Will-making is easier than you think, and we offer a free year-round service to help.

If you are thinking of remembering Cornwall Wildlife Trust in your Will, the following information should help.  

Our year-round FREE Will-writing service

We’ve joined forces with McClure Solicitors, making it easy and convenient for you to write or update your Will for free, at any time of the year!

For more information and to book an appointment, contact Hayley Bayfield on Freephone 0800 852 1999 or email

McClure Solicitors have branches around the UK and our nearest are Truro and Plymouth. Home visits can also be arranged if you prefer not to travel.

We would like to thank McClure Solicitors, who have kindly offered their serves at no cost to us or you.

Making a new Will

If you need to make a Will, the first step is to talk to your solicitor. This will ensure that your Will is legally correct and that all your wishes are carried out.

Your solicitor will be able to help you:

  • calculate the value of your estate
  • choose the type of legacy to leave
  • choose your executor(s)

Updating an existing Will

If you already have a Will and would like to include a legacy to the Trust, all you have to do is:

  • contact your solicitor
  • instruct your solicitor that you would like to remember the Trust in your Will
  • discuss the details of the legacy with your solicitor

Your solicitor can then add your request to your existing Will. This is known as a Codicil.

Types of legacies or wills

Pecuniary Bequest: This is when you leave a specific sum of money. Please remember that inflation may impact on the amount we may actually receive.

Specific Bequest: This is when you choose to leave a specific item such as a painting, jewellery or even your home.

Residual Bequest: You may choose to leave whatever is left over once all your other bequests are made and all costs met. This is the residue of your estate.

If you would like to speak with somebody at Cornwall Wildlife Trust for more information, or would like to let us know that you have remembered Cornwall Wildlife Trust in your Will, please contact Emma Miller on 01872 273939 or email

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