Celebs go wild with the Trust

Two well-known supporters of wildlife issues, BBC Springwatch presenter Gillian Burke and artist Kurt Jackson, have joined in support Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild campaign which encourages everyone to do something wild every day during the month of June.

There is still time to sign up to the scheme and get your free pack to help plan your 30 Days of ‘Random Acts of Wildness’. You could dance, like Gillian Burke, in the rain.

A guest at the Trust’s recent Wildlife Celebration Gillian says,

“Try 30 Random Acts of Wildness in 30 Days. I’d love people to connect with the wildlife around them, I think lots of people don’t know how to, and this is the perfect way to start and discover how you can make a difference. Where will your wild adventure take you? I might dance in a downpour”!

You could walk, swim or just sit in a field like Kurt 


Alastair Sopp

Jackson and discover your own Cornish paradise.

A long-time supporter of the Trust and self-confessed wild person Kurt says,
“I must admit I’m more of a 365 days wild sort of person but hey you can aim for a month to start with, midsummer, and all the butterflies and flowers and trees are at their best. The outdoors wet or dry has so much to see and find and enjoy, a walk, a swim or just sit in a field, a park, a woodland and find out what’s around. Give your days a shape, a purpose, organise your time with a trip out, before work or after or in the breaks, one beautiful bird, one extraordinary insect, one magnificent tree, a vista, a path, the sound of the wind, something memorable for and from each day. If only for a month, Paradise”. 

This year’s 30 Days Wild theme is all about helping wildlife in your neighbourhood. To sign up go to www.cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk/30dayswild and click on Get a Pack and discover great ways to help wildlife - from carving hedgehog holes in fences to putting up bird and bat boxes and doing a local litter pick.

Gillian Burke supports 30 Days Wild_ Photo by Ellie Smart

Ellie Smart

Chris Betty, Communications Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, says,

“It’s easy! We want you to do something wild every day throughout June: that’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness. Scientific research has proven that connecting with nature is good for us. 30 Days Wild is all about taking a little bit of time every day to do something a little bit wild, so take the challenge and you might just find yourself feeling a little bit healthier, happier and wilder!”
Countrywide 250,000 people took part in the scheme in 2017. Research reveals 30 Days Wild improves people’s perception of beauty in nature and makes people happier and want to care more for the environment.

There are special packs for schools with outdoor lesson plans and giant Random Acts of Wildness cards. Businesses can join in too, with tailored download packs to bring the ‘wild’ to work.