Marine Emergency Contacts

All strandings of dolphins, turtles, seals and basking sharks require urgent attention, whether dead or alive. Please call the appropriate number immediately so that trained volunteers can attend quickly to attempt a rescue of live casualties, or to fully record dead ones before the tide removes them.

Live marine animals:

Organisation Number Why call? 
British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) 01825 765 546 (24 hours) For live stranded whales, dolphins and seals
Cornwall Seal Sanctuary 01326 221361 For advice on live injured or distressed seals
RSPCA 0300 123 4999 (24 hours) Live birds and other marine life in need of rescue and treatment

• Please see our Marine Strandings Network website for more detail on this area of work, and how to get involved.

Dead marine animals: 

Organisation Number Why call? 
CWT Marine Strandings Network 0345 201 2626 (24 hours)  For all dead marine animals

Harassment and Disturbance:

Organisation Number Why call? 
Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code 0345 201 2626 (24 hours)  For disturbance and harassment incidences involving marine wildlife and habitats

• Incidents of serious harassment should be reported to the Police immediately (Devon and Cornwall Police Wildlife Crimes: 08705 777444) Marine harrassment (less serious or not immediate) can be reported to Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Marine Disturbance 24-hour hotline above. Reports should be supported by photos and videos if possible.