Visitor Gifting

Visitor Gifting

What is Visitor Gifting?

Cornwall attracts almost 5 million visitors every year. Many of these come back every year and sometimes twice a year, enchanted by the same amazing landscapes and wildlife that are the reasons most of us call Cornwall our home.

Many of our visitors are becoming much more aware of the environmental impact of their holidays and travel. They are also looking for ways to give back to the environment, By introducing a visitor gifting scheme you can help build your customers loyalty by enabling them to support the protection of the places and wildlife that they cherish.  

How do I collect the money?

There are many methods used by businesses to collect visitor donations. From the old style donation boxes that sit on your counter tops, collections at special events or activities, or simple opt-in, opt-out options on your booking forms. Whatever you choose, we are here to help. What's most important to us is that you and your staff believe in the scheme and are happy to encourage your visitors to get involved. 


Examples of visitor gifting

There are many ways to incorporate visitor gifting into your business model. Here are a few great examples of the ways we are working with some amazing businesses in Cornwall to help them facilitate donations and increase our membership.  

Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and we can let you know what has worked well for businesses similar to yours.  Please email or call our Corporate Partnerships Officer, Rowan:

Call: 07932545538

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