Corporate Support

Corporate Support

Whether you are a large multi-national corporation looking for a major charity partnership, a local business owner interested in raising funds for wildlife, or somewhere in between. We have a range of different ways you can support our work, help fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility requirements and engage your staff.

Explore some of the ways you can work with us...

If you would like to discuss how to get your business involved, or discuss options such as volunteering opportunities and staff engagement please call or email our Corporate Partnerships Officer, Rowan:

Call: 07932545538

For full transparency and understanding please read this important message to all Business Supporters.

Donations received from business memberships are vital in allowing us to carry out work for a wilder Cornwall. Thank you for your support.

Whilst we greatly appreciate the donations and support we receive from businesses, our main priority is, and always will be, the protection of wildlife and wild spaces, and this will never be compromised.

We encourage business supporters to share in our values and be actively committed to reducing their environmental impact.

As a charity and inclusive organization we feel we can help influence behaviours and practices better by engaging with businesses and creating an open channel for communication. If as a business, you are concerned about your practices or feel that you could be doing better, we would like to think we can help.

  • Part of the Wilder Business welcome pack will give you some helpful hints and tips about how to make a difference at work or in your office to make it better for wildlife and more environmentally friendly.
  • If you are interested in  applying for grants to help make your business more friendly for wildlife and support environmental growth in Cornwall, as a business member, we can put you in touch with our Tevi advisor to discuss this with you.
  • We also offer free consultations with Cornwall Environmental Consultancy for businesses who would like some advice either on current or future practices or projects.

If at any point a business’s actions go against our values and/or our advice, we reserve the right to terminate the association and  ask for the immediate removal of our business supporter logos.

Thank you for your support and your understanding!

Together we will protect Cornwall’s wilder places, wilder people and wilder future