Share your experiences of nature in lockdown

Nature in Lockdown - share your experiences

Please take our short survey to share your experiences of nature in lockdown

Help shape our conservation work and conversations with policy makers by sharing your experiences below.

We will be bringing together people's experiences from all over Cornwall to create a permanent record of the impact of nature on our lives during this time.

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Please give three words to describe how nature has made you feel during lockdown
Reflecting on lockdown, how do you feel about the following statements?
I have felt that the air is cleaner
I have appreciated seeing and hearing wildlife
Nature has been important for my mental wellbeing
I’ve connected with nature in a way that I haven’t previously
Nature has been important for my physical wellbeing
Wildlife and our natural world feel more important than ever
Nature has been important for relieving stress
To what extent have you taken the following actions during lockdown?
Taken action for wildlife e.g. planted wildflower seeds or purposefully not kept the garden too tidy
Exercised outdoors in areas that mainly consist of natural environment
Heard bird song
Watched a live or pre-recorded video about wildlife
Identified local wildlife species
Read about wildlife
Watched wildlife from my home
How likely are you to do the following within the next 12 months?
Visit a Cornwall Wildlife Trust nature reserve
Take part in a Cornwall Wildlife Trust event
Find out more about the impact of human activity on our environment
Identify local wildlife species
Make changes to your lifestyle to benefit nature
Give time or money to support local wildlife
Have a discussion with a friend about Cornwall’s wildlife
Please tell us what nature has meant to you in the past few months
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Nature in Lockdown - share your experiences