Kennal Vale closures to carry out ash dieback safety works

Kennal Vale closures to carry out ash dieback safety works

Ben Watkins

Ash dieback is affecting trees at our Kennall Vale Nature Reserve, killing many ash trees and spreading rapidly. As a result, we will be closing the reserve on certain dates in November and December to carry out safety work.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust have contracted tree surgeons to fell a maximum of 12 dangerous trees alongside the main footpath on dates throughout November and December 2021 for the safety of visitors.

When will Kennall Vale be closed to the public?
Kennall Vale Nature Reserve will be closed on:

  • Friday 19th November,
  • Friday 3rd December, and
  • Friday 10th December

From 08:00 to 17:30 each day.

What is Ash Dieback?
Ash dieback is a fungal disease, spread by the wind, which is expected to kill the majority of the country’s ash trees. To find out more about ash dieback and its impact, please visit The Wildlife Trusts' ash dieback webpage.

Learn more about Ash dieback

Kennal Vale by Adrian Langdon

Adrian Langdon

What’s happening and why?
Diseased ash trees can become very unstable. Cornwall Wildlife Trust is employing specialist contractors to fell diseased trees close to roads and paths where they pose a risk to public safety. Where possible we will retain as much standing dead wood habitat as possible, known as ‘tree monoliths’. In most cases the majority of Ash trees are away from these areas and will be left to die naturally. In time, wooded areas should recover through a combination of natural regeneration and replanting.

Why is it important to carry out these works at Kennall Vale?
Kennall Vale is used by a lot of people and the trees are unstable. This poses a risk of injury to visitors which can be avoided by tree surgery. The site also has scheduled ancient monuments which are at threat of being damaged by the diseased trees.

What provisions have been put in place to allow this work to happen?
These works have been approved and licensed by the Forestry Commission.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take action for wildlife at Kennall Vale Nature Reserve.