Cornwall, a great Plaice to be!

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s sustainable seafood project has announced this week that Cornish plaice has been added to the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide list of recommended seafood.

Plaice stocks around the South West of Britain have improved in recent years thanks to good management and natural increases in recruitment. Published fisheries science advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has shown that stocks of plaice are now very healthy and that fishing effort in our waters is below a level that would harm the population.

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide’s Matt Slater says

“We are delighted to announce that plaice is now on our recommended list, joining a wide range of Cornish seafood which we can all enjoy without worrying about our impact on fish stocks and the environment. We believe that it is important to support fishermen who operate responsibly and we hope to encourage better local markets for Cornish seafood. We have created the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide ‘Recommended’ brand which can be seen on menus, packaging and fish counters all around Cornwall highlighting sustainable Cornish seafood.”

Improvements in plaice stocks in the SW may be down to several factors including natural variation in survival of young (recruitment) aided by management measures such as restrictions on the EU fleet in terms of fishing quotas and time at sea, enforced through the sole recovery plan, and the industry led Trevose seasonal closure which protects a vital area of our seabed where many species spawn, including plaice.

The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has been produced by Cornwall Wildlife Trust in partnership with the Cornish fishing industry and the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide. It is packed with information on fish and fishing methods to help consumers see what's currently in-season and most sustainable to eat. The guide also features tasty seafood recipes, a directory of where to purchase great local seafood, and a series of ‘meet the fishermen’ videos. The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide can be found online at

Businesses across Cornwall, and further afield, are now being encouraged to become supporters of the project as a way of highlighting the great local seafood they sell, at the same time as educating the public on the best choices to go for. Over 70 businesses are already supporting the project. Please check the where to buy section of our website to find a seafood supplier near you!

You can find out more about the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide online at