Candles in company with the Trust

The environment is very important to St. Eval Candle Company and it has now become one of the latest businesses to help the county’s wildlife by joining Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Business Supporter Scheme as a Wildlife Partner.
Candles in company with the Trust

Photo by Derek Moore

St. Eval Candle Company is based on a traditional working farm at St. Eval, Wadebridge, surrounded by fields and hedgerows. The company is currently working to evolve a true haven for wildlife there. Staff have established a bee garden, (the Trust is currently trying to raise £18,000 to protect the diminishing bee population in Cornwall), and they are creating a wildflower meadow.

Environmental work at the farm will go towards helping endangered species such as barn owls, the house sparrow, corn buntings, all of which have been spotted on the land, along with plants such as red campion and corn cockle. 

As a business, making traditional candles inspired by nature, St. Eval are always working towards reducing their impact on the environment through solar panels, recycled packaging materials and minimising the waste they produce.

Serena Pettigrew-Jolly, Business Support manager for Cornwall Wildlife Trust says, 

“We are very happy to have the tremendous support from local businesses of all sizes and from many sectors, all of whom are passionate about making a difference to Cornwall’s environment. We are particularly proud to welcome St. Eval Candle Company as our newest Wildlife Partner, and we appreciate their forward-thinking, ethically conscious ethos. We look forward to working with them".

Ian Greaves, Managing Director for St Eval Candle Company says,

“We are delighted to be able support Cornwall Wildlife Trust in their vital work here in Cornwall. We are so lucky that we are able to base our workshops on a farm surrounded by wildlife and what better way to start a day than see a kestrel hovering feet from your office window over the field alongside the office? Sadly our wider wild environment is under constant pressure and it is only with guardians like the Trust can we work to keep the special mix of nature that is found in here Cornwall. We have worked hard getting the farm wildlife friendly it is in a Higher Level Scheme with Natural England to protect the rare corn buntings that are found on the farm and it is great to be able to support Cornwall Wildlife Trust in its work across the county".

Rare corn bunting can be found on the St Eval farm, photo by Derek Moore

The Trust enjoys the support of businesses of all sizes and from many sectors, who all recognise the importance of Cornwall’s natural environment. Working together to protect it makes perfect business sense. Companies joining the Trust’s Business Supporter scheme stand out from the crowd through their commitment to protecting Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places.
For more details about Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Business Supporter scheme can be found on our Business Supporter page or from Serena Pettigrew-Jolly at (01872) 273939 ext. 205.