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Ropehaven Cliffs

A reserve that stretches from the high tide line to the coastal path, with a range of habitats


Ropehaven Cliffs
St Austell
A static map of Ropehaven Cliffs

Know before you go

20 hectares

Grazing animals


Walking trails

The South West Coast Path crosses the upper side of the reserve and a path this is uneven and can be muddy, drops down to Ropehaven Steps


Footpaths around the reserve but the terrain can be very difficult. Contact the Trust for further access information.


Dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to August

About the reserve

This reserve stretches from the high tide line to the coastal path and has a range of habitats, including coastal woodland. Bird species include the fulmar, who lay their eggs on rocky cliff ledges. House martins are also seen here, feeding high above the cliffs. Several interesting geological features are seen here, inclduing old slate workings and thin bands of limestone, an uncommon rock in Cornwall

Contact us

Cornwall Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 01872 273939