Loggan's Moor

Loggan's Moor

Ben Watkins

A species-rich meadow with abundant wild flowers


2 miles (3 km) north east of Hayle
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Know before you go

11 hectares

Grazing animals


Walking trails

There are no footpaths and the site can be muddy when wet


There are no footpaths around the reserve and the terrain can be muddy. Contact the Trust for further access information.


Dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to July

About the reserve

A species-rich meadow, this reserve is abundant in wild flowers. It also contains some reedbed and grassland. The early marsh orchid can be seen here, with its unique and very distinctively shaped lip, and the yellow flag iris is widespread in wetter parts of the moor. Another common plant found here is the marsh marigold, a valuable early source of nectar for insects. Amongst the insects found here is the five-spot burnet, a rather striking day flying moth, coloured black with red spots

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