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Lanvean Bottoms

Woodland area with an abundance of the attractive scarlet elf cup fungus


Near St Mawgan
A static map of Lanvean Bottoms

Know before you go

5 hectares

Grazing animals


Walking trails

There are no footpaths; the best route for visitors would be to follow the western bank of the stream, downstream from the gate. Underfoot, conditions are very wet and boggy and there are many fallen branches and protruding tree roots


There are no paths around the reserve and terrain can be difficult in places. Contact the trust for further access information.


Dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to July, September to November

About the reserve

The wetter areas of this woodland are sheltered by a canopy of grey willow and ash, whilst oak and hazel dominate the woodland on drier slopes. Some areas of the site have been coppiced in the past and wet flushes and redundant drainage ditches are scattered throughout. The dormouse finds shelter here as well as other small mammals. The scarlet elf cup, an attractive and edible fungus is found in great abundance throughout the woodland in winter.

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Cornwall Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 01872 273939