Fox Corner

Fox Corner

Elliot Smith

Fox Corner

A small, very peaceful urban nature reserve with a mixture of semi-natural habitats including unimproved grassland, scrub and a pond


On the south west edge of Truro
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Know before you go

0 hectares

Grazing animals


Walking trails

Easily accessible with paths and open spaces throughout the area


Public footpath around the reserve which is easy to access and suitable for wheelchair and pushchairs.


Dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to July

About the reserve

This reserve is an urban reserve with a mixture of habitats, including grassland, scrub and a pond. Foxes may be seen here, readily identified by their reddish fur with black patches on the ears and tail tip. Common centaury is a small plant with pinkish-lilac flowers and blooms from June to October. In the 1850s, the site was used as a railway cutting and previously the area was part of a post-medieval field system

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