My Wild Life

My Wild Life

My Wild Life is a collection of short films celebrating the deep-rooted connection between people and the natural environment. The series features the extraordinary conservationists, naturalists, artists and communicators taking inspiration from Cornwall’s diverse habitats, from the heathlands of West Cornwall, to the rockpools of Porthleven and the variety of wild places in-between. At a time where we are less able to freely experience Cornwall’s natural surroundings, experience a connection to our rich wildlife and landscapes through the enthusiasm of those featured and the footage of their favourite wild places.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Due to the popularity of these films and the positive feedback we have received so far, we will be releasing five more films, one each night for five nights, starting the week of 15th March 2021. As the videos are premiered, they will become available to watch below. You can also bookmark the 'My Wild Life' playlist over on our YouTube channel to watch them all in one go (once the films are live).

The series was filmed by EMMY and BAFTA award-winning cameraman Ian McCarthy and edited by award-winning, self-shooting producer and director Nina Constable.

Cheryl Marriott, conservationist

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Head of Conservation , Cheryl Marriot, shares the story of how we started working with farmers to vaccinate badgers in mid-Cornwall. Showing how this is done and explaining the associated challenges, Cheryl makes the case for vaccination on a wider scale. Enjoy Cheryl’s ‘My Wild Life’ film, exploring how she works with people to protect wildlife on behalf of Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Ian McCarthy, filmmaker

EMMY and BAFTA award winning wildlife filmmaker, Ian McCarthy, shares his love of the river Fowey and the wild inhabitants he films there. Filmed one morning after waking up early to check his trail cameras, Ian’s ‘My Wild Life’ film captures his passion for wildlife as a keen naturalist and filmmaker.

Kurt Jackson, contemporary artist

Contemporary artist Kurt Jackson takes us on a journey to Chun Downs, West Cornwall where he draws inspiration to create art. His appreciation for the sounds, sights and smells of the heathland shines through in this short ‘My Wild Life’ film, as he describes the nature reserve as an “extraordinary place to create work”.

Gillian Burke, wildlife presenter

BBC Springwatch presenter Gillian Burke takes us to an area of coastline she visits to pause and have space to enjoy the outdoors. Describing how Cornwall feels like home, in this short ‘My Wild Life’ film, Gillian reflects on how parts of its coastline transport her back to her childhood memories of her grandma's home in the Seychelles.

Chris Jones, farmer

Chris Jones is the owner of Woodland Valley Farm, partner of the Cornwall Beaver Project and founding director of the Beaver Trust. Chris’ interest in beavers dates back to the early 2000s when he learnt of their reintroduction in Scotland. Reflecting on how their dams can prevent flooding, Chris’ short ‘My Wild Life’ video shows the positive impact the beavers are having on biodiversity at Woodland Valley Farm.

My Wild Life - Claire Lewis, Looe Island Warden

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Warden, Claire Lewis, gives us an insight into living on Looe Island – our only marine nature reserve. Describing how island life is almost like therapy, in this short ‘My Wild Life’ film, Claire reflects on how fortunate she is to fully immerse herself in nature.

My Wild Life - Mark Grantham, Scientist and Researcher

Scientist and Chairman of Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society, Mark Grantham, shares how some of our much-loved seabirds have been impacted as a result of climate change. Filmed during a visit to one of Cornwall’s last-remaining kittiwake colonies, Mark’s ‘My Wild Life’ film captures his dedication for monitoring the populations of the species and highlighting the need for their recovery in the county.

My Wild Life - Sophie Pavelle, Zoologist and Science Communicator

Zoologist and science communicator, Sophie Pavelle, reflects on her time hiking the Cornwall Coast Path, using social media to bring her online followers along for the journey. Sophie’s My Wild Life film conveys the importance of taking a moment to pause - to stop, tune in with the senses and truly connect with our local wildlife.

My Wild Life - Erin Bastian, Expedition Kayaker and Guide

Expedition kayaker and guide, Erin Bastian, takes us out on the water during her My Wild Life film. Speaking of her gravitation to the water and how she has turned kayaking into a career, Erin’s passion has taken her all over the world doing what she loves. Erin shares her appreciation for the peace and freedom being on the water gives her and how playful seals join her!

My Wild Life - Matt Slater, Marine Biologist and professional rock pooler

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Awareness Officer, Matt Slater, shares his experience of being in and near the sea. Appreciating the opportunity he has as a marine biologist to educate others, protect marine wildlife and do his dream job, Matt’s My Wild Life film captures Matt leading a Shoresearch group at Porthleven.