Information for Dog Walkers

No bin? No problem

Picking up after your pet


Our Nature Reserves are used by all kinds of different people including children, wheelchair users and volunteers, who are often working to improve wildlife in areas on and near the footpaths. Cleaning up after your dog prevents others from getting faeces on their feet, hands or clothing, or in the wheels of wheelchairs and pushchairs. This is not just unpleasant but dog faeces can cause serious diseases in humans such as Canine Toxocariasis, which can lead to blindness.

We appreciate that dog poo is not a nice thing to have to carry around with you and often there may not be a bin nearby or on your route. That's why we have partnered with Dicky Bags to provide a solution.

The Dicky Bag is a neoprene bag that’s lightweight, airtight and washable which can be attached to you or your dog and stores those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin or get home.

They're made in Cornwall and by using the code CWT it will trigger a 10% gift to Cornwall Wildlife Trust's reserves fund helping us to maintain the reserves ready for your next visit. 

Go to the Dicky Bags Website

Please remember, dog poo is not natural! 

Wildflowers and plants need low nutrient soil to thrive. Soils enriched with dog faeces encourage the growth of coarser plants such as nettles and thistles, which compete with and outgrow many wildflowers. It can cause serious disease in domestic livestock. Neosporosis can cause abortion in cattle, whilst Sarcocystosis can cause neurological disease and death in sheep.

We hope you enjoy your visit – thank you for treating these sensitive areas with respect.