Support Cornwall Wildlife Trust with Vine House Farm bird food

Sparrow feeding its young - Photo Credit: Vine House Farm

Did you know, the first time you buy from Vine House Farm wild bird food £5 is donated to Cornwall Wildlife Trust, with a further percentage of sales on an ongoing basis?

Vine House Farm Bird Food has been working with The Wildlife Trusts for the past 10 years, helping to protect and restore areas for nature and inspire people to experience wildlife first-hand. To date, Vine House Farm's donations have totalled over £1,250,000, including over £23,000 for Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

To find out more about Vine House Farm and to buy food direct from their conservation award-winning farm visit the Vine House Farm website.

Passionate conservationists, Vine House Farm are leading the way in wildlife-friendly farming - growing, packaging and dispatching the vast majority of bird seed they sell from their Lincolnshire farm, ensuring their family-run business always operates with the environment in mind.

Vine House Farm grow seed specifically for bird food. They process and pack the seed at the farm and so are able to supply high quality products at low prices and with a relatively low carbon footprint.

The story started in 1982 when Nicholas Watts, owner of the farm in Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire, wanted to know which birds were breeding on his farm. Every year he walked his land and recorded the birds he saw and by 1992 he realised that the numbers had been dropping dramatically.

Since then, Nicholas and his family have implemented all sorts of conservation measures on the farm. They started by feeding birds on a large scale and it was from the interest generated around this activity that the company grew to the Vine House Farm we know today.

Feeding the birds

To find out everything you need to know about feeding garden birds, take a look at this fabulous video from Vine House Farm.

Click here to visit the Vine House Farm online shop. (Don't forget to mention Cornwall Wildlife Trust when you buy)