Business Membership Invoice Form


Thank you for applying to become part of the Wilder Business Network. You will be joining a collection of businesses who care passionately about Cornwalls wildlife and wild places.

Please complete the details below and we will be in touch shortly.

Thank you for your support!
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£300 pa (Includes £50 VAT)
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In addition to posting you your Wilder Business membership pack, we would love to keep in touch with you by email and/or telephone. This way, we can let you know about the impact your support is having on our work, as well as other ways you can get involved.
We promise to protect your personal data, in accordance with our Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy and t&cs

As part of your Wilder Business membership we would love to send you copies of our membership magazine Wild Cornwall to keep you. your staff and customers informed about our work and what you are helping us to achieve.  We would also love to send you our Wildlife Watch magazine for kids, containing lots of fun articles and activities to inspire them and get them engaged with nature. Both magazines are sent out three times a year in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Please indicate below how many copies of each magazine you would like us to send to you.

Gold Membership - Up to 20 free copies of each magazine

Silver Membership - Up to 10 free copies of each magazine

Bronze Membership - Up to 5 free copies of each magazine


As part of your Wilder Business membership we will provide you with our Business Support logo for use on your website. We hope you use this to show you are part of a unique network of businesses driving forward real change in Cornwall for the benefit of our local wildlife and protection of the habitats they call home. 

I wish to use the Trust’s Business Supporter logo as a demonstration of support for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and in empathy with its charitable purposes. I understand and agree that use of the logo for any other purposes is prohibited and undertake not to use the logo to endorse any idea, service, activity, position or product of the business, without prior consent of the Trust. I hereby indemnify Cornwall Wildlife Trust for any loss or damage it may suffer as a result of unauthorised use. I acknowledge that permission to use the said logo is valid only for the period of our support of the Trust. I understand that, following any termination of our support, I must remove the Business Supporter logo from materials within one month.

By submitting your application you are confirming you have read the indemnity agreement above and agree to its conditions.