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Adopt a seal

Spirit the seal pup would love you to adopt her or one of her friends so Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Cornwall Seal Group can continue their work to keep seals safe.

To adopt or become a friend of your seal download the adoption form and post to c/o Sue Sayer, Cornwall Seal Group, Copperleaf Cottage, Philack, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5AD.

Hook the seal, photo by Sue Sayer

To adopt your seal costs just £15 and you will receive:

  • Welcome letter and silver adoption certificate.
  • Profile and photograph of your adopted seal.
  • Seal photograph collage and seal activities for children.
  • Invitations to seal group meetings and lots more seal information.

To become a friend of your seal costs just £30 and you will receive:

  • Welcome letter and gold adoption certificate.
  • As above plus:
    • One free adult and child place on all Cornwall Seal Group’s talks and walks.
    • Cornwall Seal Group research.
    • Seal sightings record sheets.
    • Seal photo identification starter kit and much, much more.

Your money will contribute towards seal pup watches and rescues, assisting with the release of rehabilitated seals and pioneering, in-depth research to track and learn more about seal behaviour and how climate change is affecting their habitat.

Cornwall Seal Group will use 75% of your money to continue seal research work. The remaining 25% will be used by Cornwall Wildlife Trust for marine conservation work in Cornwall.

If you have any queries please contact Sue Sayer, Cornwall Seal Group through our enquiry page or on (01736) 754562.