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Marine Strandings Network

Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Marine Strandings Network is the licensed recorder for all marine strandings in Cornwall.

To report a stranding please see the marine emergency contacts page for who to contact.

To see more information about the marine strandings in Cornwall and to learn more about the Marine Strandings Network visit the Marine Strandings Network website.

Marine Strandings Network volunteers attend a stranded Atlantic Whitesided dolphin, photo by Cheryl MillsThe Marine Strandings Network consists of a team of over 100 volunteers who record all reported strandings of marine organisms on Cornwall's coastline. Although this includes everything from jellyfish to rare tropical sea pods, the volunteers' main activity is recording and photographing all stranded dolphins, whales and porpoises (collectively known as cetaceans) as well as seals, basking sharks and turtles.

Stranded Loggerhead turtle, photo by Phil DearsonAll marine records are welcomed by the network, which tries to ensure that data are shared with all interested individuals and organisations.

Frugi websiteThe Marine Strandings Network is financially supported by Frugi, a local children's organic clothing company, through the 1% For The Planet scheme.