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Project Wild Thing

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s junior section Fox Club would like to introduce you to a very exciting feature-length documentary film: Project Wild Thing.

Project Wild thing

Reconnecting kids with nature, a global conversation…

Please join us at this special event screening of a film that’s sweeping the nation. Get ready to be inspired and re-introduce children to the wild!

Head to The Poly, Falmouth on 1st ...May for a screening of Project Wild Thing - A film for big kids (adults) to inspire little kids with Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

“Filmmaker David Bond is a worried man. His kids' waking hours are dominated by a cacophony of marketing and a screen dependence threatening to turn them into glassy-eyed zombies. They spend way too much time indoors - not like it was back in his day. He decides it's time to get back to nature – literally.”

This ambitious film takes a revealing and funny look at a complex and worrying issue; how children in the UK are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature. It follows David and his family as they attempt to ignite a national movement to get more kids (and their folks!) outside and reconnecting with nature.

Watch the trailer for Project Wild Thing:

Tickets £3 donation
or phone The Poly on: (01326) 319461

Would you like to get your children or grandchildren outside and enjoying nature,
then Fox Club could be for you.