'Up to 50% off' membership offer terms and conditions

In addition to our standard terms and conditions, there are a few extra ones that apply to the 'up to 50% off' membership offer.

  1. The offer takes place from Saturday 26th December 2020 and will finish on Sunday 31st January 2021.
  2. The offer can be obtained for those who have had membership previously but is not available to those that have used the offer in previous years.
  3. The up to 50% off membership offer applies to Direct Debit single, joint and family memberships only.

  4. Once the initial offer period has passed, your membership will return to the default minimum amount which currently is £2.50/month for single, £3.75/month for joint and £4/month for family memberships.

  5. Concessionary membership (joint and single) and student membership is not part of the up to 50% off membership offer. You can join these memberships here. If you wish to join as a single, joint or family member by debit or credit card (instead of by direct debit), please click here.

  6. Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserves the right to withdraw the offer before the end date stated in (1).

  7. All other terms and conditions remain unaltered and can be found here.

You can purchase your membership here. Thank you.