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Cornwall Wildlife Trust staff

The staff at Cornwall Wildlife Trust are considered our greatest asset. Whether full-time, part-time or short-term project staff, their enthusiasm, expertise and dedication enables the Trust, in liaison with our many volunteers, to deliver our programme of conservation works across Cornwall.

Management Team and section staff

Management Team
Trevor Edwards, Chief Executive
Victoria Whitehouse, Head of Nature Conservation
Callum Deveney, Head of Nature Reserves
Trevor Dee, Head of Finance & Administration
Jasmin Appleby, Acting Head of Marketing and Fundraising
Phil Hills, Consultancy Manager

Conservation staff
Cheryl Marriott, Conservation Manager
Ruth Williams, Marine Conservation Manager
Abby Crosby, Marine Conservation Officer
Catherine Wilding, Marine Survey Officer
Matt Slater, Marine Awareness Officer
Sue Hocking, Conservation Officer
Liz Cox, Wild Penwith Project Manager
Vicky Brewis, Conservation Assistant (Finance & Fundraising)
David May, Wild Penwith Volunteer Coordinator
Iain Barker, Farm Adviser

Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS) staff
Gary Lewis, Manager
Martin Goodall, Data Manager / Intertidal Project Manager
Nic Harrison-White, Wildlife Information Service Manager
Sue Scott, Wildlife Information Service Coordinator
Laura Fox, Wildlife Information Service Officer
Carolyn Waddell, Intertidal Discovery Project Officer
Lisa Rennocks, Investigate Invasives Project Officer
Tamara Weeks, Data Officer
Niki Clear, Marine Data Officer

Reserves staff
Nick Marriott, West Cornwall Reserves Manager
Sean O'Hea, Mid-Cornwall Reserves Manager
Peter Kent, East Cornwall Reserves Manager
Richard Moore, West Cornwall Reserves Assistant
Peter Gardener, Mid-Cornwall Reserves Assistant
Jon Cripps, Penhale Dunes Ranger
Dave Salmon, West Muchlarnick Farm Officer
Lee Gregson, East Cornwall Warden
Jon Ross, Looe Island Summer Warden
Claire Lewis, Looe Island Summer Assistant
Estates Team:
Cliff Mitchell, Reserves co-worker
Tim Crowe, Reserves Assistant

Marketing and Fundraising staff
Chris Betty, Acting Deputy Marketing & Fundraising Manager
Andrea Toy, Membership Manager
Kirstie Francis, Fox Club Manager
Claire Scott, Fox Club Events Co-ordinator
Lisa Kessell, Membership Co-ordinator
Cheryl Dee, Venue Liaison Officer
Antonia Mullaly, Business Support Co-ordinator
Carolyn O'Hagan, Marketing and Fundraising Administrator
Sheila McCann-Downes, Graphics Manager
Sarah McCartney, Graphics Artist

Central Services staff
Nick Phillips, IT Manager
David Cocks, IT Systems Engineer
Paul Whitehead, Finance Officer
Peter Hore, Finance Officer
Debra Windle, Deputy Finance Officer
Sarah Cheeseman, Finance Assistant
Ba Whitehead, Deputy Head of Administration
Samantha Woon, Receptionist/HR Assistant

Cornwall Environmental Consultants (CEC) staff
Jenny Stuart, Principal Ecologist
Steve Adams, Senior Ecologist
Michael Davies, Ecologist
John Sproull, Ecologist
Steve Marshall, Bat Ecologist
Dave Hunter, Bat Ecologist
Samantha Smith, Bat Ecologist
Birgit Hontzsch, Principal Landscape Architect
Lucy Wilson-Richards, Senior Landscape Architect
Nicole Weber, Landscape Architect
Graham Sansom, Landscape Architect
Amanda Neal, Assistant Landsacpe Architect and GIS Technician
Emma Barrow, Business & Marketing Manager
Clare Hedges, Administrative Assistant